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Company Profiling

The rationale behind a company profiling project is to garner business intelligence and to have a tab on the essential elements of a successful business such as competitors, prospects, customers and suppliers. Company profiling requires thorough incision into a company's corporate structure, and keeping track of significant news, business articles, SEC filings, financial analysis, etc.

Uses of Company Profiling

Company profiling is used to gather business intelligence on competitors, prospects, customers and suppliers. It supports activities, such as:

  1. Preparing for meetings
  2. Evaluating new business opportunities
  3. Planning marketing campaigns
  4. Preparing sales and financial forecasts
  5. Researching potential merger and acquisition targets
  6. Tracking industry trends

Company profiling involves drilling down into a companys corporate family structure, and tracking relevant news stories and trade articles, SEC filings, revenue patterns and growth history. Many business information resources exist to support these company research efforts.

Company Profile Information

Common components of a company profile include:

  1. Company information that shows how a company is organized including business type, office locations and subsidiaries, contact information, and parent and corporate family name
  2. Snapshot of top-line data such as number of employees, credit rating, annual sales and year of incorporation
  3. Business description summarizing a company’s focus, history, competitive position and corporate structure
  4. Listings of senior staff with top executive profiles
  5. Financial health data including credit ratings, recommended credit limits and annual sales data
  6. Market position data such as major brands and trade names, lines of business, neighboring businesses, key competitors, markets served, and SIC codes
  7. Announcements and news coverage summarizing headlines on key events and full text of select news coverage and press releases

Business Reports

Information users that need a thorough understanding of a particular area of interest often use highly detailed, business reports. These can be obtained from a full-service business information provider, such as OneSource. The worlds #1 global business information service, OneSource supplements its company profiles with in-depth business reports. These include executive listings with biographies, educational background and professional affiliations.
OneSource also offers detailed IT profiles and reports with expert analytical coverage on a company’s market size, top players and financial forecasts. Real-time news alerts help track events affecting top clients, prospects and competitors.


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