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Marketing Questionnaire Design Services

Knowing what the respondent has to say is extremely important, be it the case of client feedback or a market survey. Questionnaires serve as the most suitable means to gather information from a large audience. They can be used to collect and measure different types of data. The kind of information a questionnaire deals with depends on the Marketing Questionnaire Design.

Since the researcher has limited control over the different kinds of responses a questionnaire can receive, it deals more with subjective data than with objective data. The questionnaire can be administered to also deal with objective data, however this would make it more expensive. Similarly, results from quantitative responses tend to be more accurate than qualitative responses, though this does not rule out the option of qualitative-based questions. There can also be open and closed ended questions. A good questionnaire will have the right mix of all the different kinds of questions and keep the respondent encouraged to go from one question to the next. This is where Outsource2India’s Marketing Questionnaire Design services come into the picture. Our experience in market research, knowledge of the markets on hand and creative thinking help you make the perfect questionnaire.

Getting started

We start the process of Marketing Questionnaire Design by understanding exactly what you expect from your questionnaire. A clear-cut goal is the most essential step to getting started on designing a questionnaire. This step involves the planning before undertaking the project. We look into important issues to be covered and ensure that continuity is maintained. In other words, we get to know what you are planning to observe through the questionnaire to reach a conclusion. The questions should then be framed keeping this goal in mind.

Deciding which question is right

A questionnaire should never be too long. The accuracy of the results decreases as the length of the questionnaire increases. Many people have difficulty in deciding which question is necessary and which is irrelevant. But how do you decide which questions to keep and which ones to throw out? Allow us to use our invaluable resources to help you here. Our Marketing Questionnaire Design process is done with a constant reference to the statistical analysis that is to be done with the final responses. This way we limit the questionnaire to just the right length to make sure you get the most out of the results.

Choosing the right words

The choice of words used in a questionnaire makes an enormous difference to the way it performs. It is important to pay close attention to connotations and implications certain words may have, tones that certain words may take on. A question framed in a particular way could make a world of difference than when framed differently even though the meaning is the same. This could be for the simple reason that the question appealed the target audience differently. These details have to be kept in mind as well while picking words. Care must also be taken to avoid hypothetical and personal questions unless when absolutely necessary.

How good is the final questionnaire?

Once the questionnaire has followed the above process, we then check it for its worth. Pretesting is done on the entire questionnaire. Protocol Analysis is conducted where the respondent is asked to ‘think aloud’ while answering the questionnaire. Debriefing is also done when the respondent describes the meaning of each question and any difficulty they faced. This helps get a different perspective on the questionnaire and improves the quality of the questions. We run quality checks on the questionnaire to make sure it is clear and understandable to everyone. We take this final step very seriously. No section of the questionnaire is left open to interpretation so as to allow room for ambiguity. Feedback is utilized to improve whichever parts of the questionnaire that require changes. If necessary the entire process of designing the questionnaire is repeated. Our Marketing Questionnaire Design service is thus assured of accuracy, high-quality performance and a beyond-compare success rate.


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